Im purchasing a vintage rotary phone h ok...i ne and need a tall table for it to sit onin my den.
Looking for queen or king sized blankets or throws, please.
I am looking for fiction and non-fiction books for kids of all ages, including elementary, middle, and high school, to add to a Little Free Library in High Point. Would really appreciate any donations, as the Library is in a park where lots of kids spend time. (No text books, please.) I am happy to pick up in the Triad.
Wanting new unused journals for adults. Any color soft back or hard back.
Looking for a crib
Any level of difficulty. Please do not give me puzzles you know have missing pieces, but any you truly believe have all the pieces are fine. I will pick up. Thank you!
Wanting fetal Doppler for expecting mom
Looking for book shelves, a moveable pantry, wall shelves, couch and or chair, coffee table, night stands. The only thing is I have a small place, so other than bigger bookshelves, I am looking for furniture that is not too huge. Although, I do love the oversized chairs - If those are an option, then I could use 2 of those... Look forward to hearing from you!
Looking for any extra supplies your not using anymore! Markers, crayons, pencils, notebooks! Will be using in my classroom.
I team up with the workers of Wells Fargo every year to send out Christmas packages to soldiers deployed in the Middle East. We send neccessities like baby wipes and sanitizer, as well as just simple comforts of home to make their stay a little easier. I'm trying to gather as much as I can before we ship them out in a little over a week. Below is a list of items the soldiers have requested. If ...
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